Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beatles Music: The Musical!

I saw Across the Universe yesterday. I really don't want to waste your time or mine with movie reviews on this thing because God knows there's enough of that on the world wide web. But as my friend Leonard put perfectly in his soft spoken, British accent, "It seemed a bit contrived."

Well soft-spokenly said Leonard. Now if you will excuse me, Dr. 90210 is on.


stanley said...
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stanley said...

oh whatever, i was trying to edit...anyways...sarah and i went and saw the movie friday night, and yes, contrived would be the word of the night. I think the first scene that raised my hair a bit was the "dear prudence" scene. Then of course the bono scene'(s), and just the simple fact that they seemed to have made a 2+ hour movie on something that was just a good idea in theory. but looked really cool.

SeanFrancis said...

Exactly. That's basically why I posted it as Beatles Music: The Musical. I can't really figure out where the story was or what the story was other than...the beatles wrote good music? I believe I already knew that or someone else alrady knew that. It was probably one of those underground films that will only appeal to like all 2,000 Beatles fans. Who listens to them anymore?

Jeff said...

might just be brilliant. it sure makes strawberry shortcake look like a sissy though.

lauren said...

nice draw-ring.

LadyMacca said...

How old are you people? To not understand the concept of the movie or how each of the Beatles songs relates to the succession of the story makes me believe you're under 40. If that's the case then you're forgiven for being ignorant. If you're 40+ then you truly do not know or understand The Beatles. This movie is brilliant and the songs are perfect for the storyline. A few liberties were taken here and there, but they make the story as a whole more coheasive. Please, if you're going to attempt to review a movie, please do a little research first and provide some accurate statements and facts. Either that or go watch Speed Racer and see if that's not more to your liking.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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