Monday, October 1, 2007

Sushi Box - Review

A companion I have sex with and I recently had the pleasure of dining at the appropriately named Japanese restaurant - Sushi Box (Old University Ave.). When we arrived the dining room was empty and we were immediately seated on two stools. The décor was authentically Japanese from the fluorescent lighting to the Chiclets machine by the front door that appeared to have been imported from a place in Asia near Japan. They even had chopstickies! You don’t find that in many places here in the states. After 10 minutes of sitting we went to the counter to order. The server must have forgotten to work. The Korean woman behind the counter appeared to be direct from Tokyo as her English was so poor she chose not to talk to me at all. Or make eye contact (In Japanese culture eye contact is forbidden as it implies you wish someone dead.)

When our food arrived the dining room had filled to over four Caucasians. Lucky we got there when we did! The spicy tuna roll I had ordered was falling apart it was so tender. Nor was it complicated with stupid rice. The roll had the charm and appearance of being made by a 4 year old. The tuna tasted room temperature and salted, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! My companion ordered some vegetarian shit which also looked delicious. For an entrée I ordered the NF2 Yaki Soba - Fried thin noodles with vegetables and shrimp. (¥1262.98) The spaghetti noodles were cooked perfect - al dante! And the canned mushrooms were marvelous. Unfortunately for me, the frozen vegetable medley was merely an afterthought. But the crown on this emperor of a meal was the 7 dime sized, unseasoned popcorn shrimp which floated in the soy sauce water at the bottom of the bowl (Adding 7 unseasoned popcorn shrimp to any meal costs a mere $4.00).

For desert we had a refill of Diet Coke and a dirty look from the Korean woman ($1.80). I would highly recommend this restaurant to someone with $27.50.



Dick Starr said...

I knew this was gonna rock as soon as I got to the part about the server forgetting to work. This was great.

louisa said...

you are sincerely hilarious. do you think they have one of these places in Philly? I would love it try it out.

Brandon said...

It seems to me that, instead of liking the sushi restaurant, you actually did NOT like it at all. Hear me out on this one: It didn't sound very good and seemed a bit pricey for the service and food received. Just a thought. Keep up the blags!

matt said...

Sounds like instead of a spicy tuna roll you got an order of my cock. I can see the confusion because my cock also is salted, room temperature (except when it's ordered hot),comes without rice and is often handled by four-year-olds. I'm glad you liked it. My cock that is.

matt said...

BTW (by the way), this was fucking hilarious. I hope you are satisfied with the fact that you made me look like an idiot as I laughed so hard I started crying in a very public very busy area on campus. Come to louisville.

lauren said...

never trust people with sideways vaginas. duh mickey, tell your lady friend too.