Monday, October 29, 2007

Sexy Nurse A Hit Once Again!

For yet another Halloween I successfully took a plain old stupid dumb nurses outfit and made it sexy! And if that weren’t enough I also succeeded in avoiding all other sexy nurses thus creating the illusion that I was, in fact, the only sexy nurse on State Street. Sure, I saw a sexy cop and even a sexy firefighter, but I’m proud to say that I was the only scantily clad health care worker. Or at least I made you think that by keeping the optimal distance from the other 700 sexy nurses which, truth be told, weren’t nearly as sexy as me. I’m just like sharing my honest opinion.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. It took me three years of embarrassing “oh no you di-int” looks from other sexy nurses on Halloween to figure out that it takes at least 5 seconds, or 22 feet of walking space, for the 18-25 year old jager-bomb-clouded male to forget that they just saw several other sexy nurses. But when they see me, they are yet again inspired to say, “Can I have the full body exam?” or “I think I might need you to massage my prostate.” which I don’t even get but I like the attention.

When I saw the 5 varieties of sexy nurse outfits at the Halloween warehouse, I knew that was the costume for me…again. No regrets.

•••Sean Fransis


Brandon said...

you did the nurse thing again? really? well, at least you had fun. I was steve irwin and gaelyn was a stingray. i only had fifteen minutes to prepare my costume and i looked nothing like steve irwin, but gaelyn sure made a sexy stingray. my fave comment from a drunk guy was, "girl, i wanna rip that tail off your butt and sting you with it!" needless to say, she left the party with him instead of me. next year i'm going to set aside my full twenty minutes to prepare, and maybe a few dollars for a costume that i don't have to raid my closet for.

Righteous Porridge said...

awww man i was totally for real gonna blog about the "slutty _______ costumes"...very well put son. I was marty was s'okay.

Stashew said...
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Stashew said...

It's not Halloween yet. Did all those people just start freaking out in the street becasue there was a black break-dancing baby? I am also curious as to how you managed to get a picture of not one, but two boom boxes in one picture. Impressive.

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